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Creating a business account with SLCBIZ.COM is extremely simple, with the social login feature it allows you to login easily. You’ll be getting new customers from the extra exposure in no time!

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Submitting a listing on SLCBIZ.COM is very simple, we’ve made entering the address of your business easy, when using our Google Places API it will auto complete the listing address to get you listed in no time!

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3. Get More Customers To Your Business

This won’t be the first time you look for increased exposure & new customers to your local business, but it may be the last time. Because with SLCBIZ.COM you have more than you could ever want or need.

When using SLCBIZ.COM your Salt Lake City business listing will be a thing of beauty. Let’s be honest, most local business directories are not pretty and easy to use both for the business and visitors. Lucky for you we’ve done both with SLCBIZ.COM.

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